By Victoria Bostic-Smith 11/2017

I am yesterday's tomorrow.
I'm the sacrifices and prayers of my ancestors.
They dreamed things for me their words could not describe.
Dreamed dreams that could not be intrepreted.
I am because they were:
From Africa across the Atlantic Ocean to the ports of these shores
(To Barbecue Township, Anderson's Creek, Harnett county; from Fayetteville, Cumberland county, Southern Pines, Moore County all in North Carolina) their faith was the embodiment of hope for us.
Unborn, yet alive in there hearts, soulds and visions...prescient
They were pregnant with an optimism that would not be birthed for more than a century later.
Yes, I am Yesterday's tomorrow.
My ancestor's visions simmered to a rapid boil as they endured lashes and bore the scars of enslavement just so we would be born,
From Africa to North Carolina to New York, Philadelphia and Detriot from the afrarian fertile lands of cotton and tobacco to the industrial concrete streets of factories and assembly lines to the technological rech of cyberspace
They sung songs of the joy of freedom
Songs that gave them hope for my tomorrow
Yes, I am because they were.